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Angus McDonough also known as The Prophet or Brother Love was a recurring character on iZombie for Season 2 and Season 3, but later promoted to the main cast for Season 4. Angus is the father of Blaine DeBeers. He first appeared in the episode Zombie Bro.


Early Life

While most of his history has yet to be revealed, Angus seems to have disliked his father, Blaine's grandfather, whom he had committed to hospice and whose real estate empire, Vantage Elite Properties, he took over.

Angus arranged for Blaine to attend the Wharton School of Business, and provided Blaine with startup capital for several business ventures: it was implied these failed. Eventually, Angus cut his son off financially, it can be assumed this lead to Blaine working for Mr. Boss as a drug dealer.

His relationship with his son is one of mutual disdain. Blaine hates Angus because of his treatment of Blaine's grandfather: Angus institutionalized his father in order to take over his business. Blaine's grandfather showed him affection, in Angus' opinion 'babied' him, in Blaine's words, "He loved me." Also, during Blaine's childhood Angus had turned a blind eye to Blaine's nanny abusing him. Angus later admitted to abusing Blaine personally; stating Blaine was not miserable because he beat him, but in fact, he beat him because he was miserable.

Angus seemed to be rather neglectful of his family; it is said he did nothing to aid his suicidal wife, and didn't bother to lock up the pistol with which she took her life.

Season 2

In Max Wager, Angus visited Blaine at Shady Plots, had one of his henchmen (Chief) shot, and declared he was the new CEO of Blaine's business. He gave Blaine a job, to retrieve the brain of a competitor's son, and threatened to turn Blaine into a zombie if he refused. In order to teach Angus a lesson, Blaine killed his own grandfather, smothering him with a pillow, so he could give it to his father. After preparing and packaging the brain, he discovers Angus is missing. Major kidnapped and froze Angus with two other zombies rather than killing them.

In The Whopper, Blaine discovered Angus is "alive" but frozen, so he negotiated for his body. This was due to Angus having his will say that if he died of a mysterious death, everything he owns goes to Blaine's old babysitter, who tortured Blaine mentally when he was young. Angus was last seen being tortured by Blaine's employees, Chief and Candy Baker, whom he had previously had harmed while interrogating her for information corning his son.

Even on the brink of torture, Angus taunted Blaine by stating he didn't have the stomach to torture him personally.

Season 3

Season 4

After spending months trapped in a well, being fed brain scraps by Blaine and listening to his ramblings, Angus lost touch with reality. Believing Blaine's echoing voice to have been God, Angus followed his new "creed" and started a following amongst the zombies transformed by the infected vaccine. Attempting to create a new zombie homeland, Angus led 1,000 zombies into a kamikaze attack; his minions died and he was killed.


  • Blaine DeBeers: Blaine is his son with whom he has a manipulative relationship; he has been a customer's of Blaine's "brain business" as well as running it for a very brief time.
  • Don Eberhard: Rescuer-turned-business partner.

Appearances: 17/58

Season 2: 3/19

Season 3: 3/13

Season 4: 11/13