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Bethany Miller is a character on IZombie who debuts in Season 2. She was revealed to have killed Taylor and worked on a Ashley-Madison-esque site where she met Taylor's husband. She is very into fashion. She is portrayed by Jazz Raycole.

Season Two

She meets Liv and Clive when the two of them are investigating into the death of Taylor, an uppity housewife thrown of her luxury balcony. She styled Taylor and her husbands clothes. Liv (on housewife brain) befriends her and the two of them quickly bond throughout the episode. While shopping together, Clive calls Liv revealing that Bethany killed Taylor. Liv tackles Bethany in a stack of shoes and she is then led away by the police.



Season 2


  • She (was) one of the few female friends in Liv's life.
  • She always wore very fashionable outfits