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Brinks Chef is a minor character who first appeared in the Season 4 episode Blue Bloody. She is portrayed by Linda Park.

Season 4

The chef has worked for the wealthy dowager, Sandy Brinks, for fifteen years. She lives at the estate with her young son, Alex. The chef is a competent woman who not only does her daily duties, but also helps Mrs. Brinks programming simply electronic devices around the house, such as the microwave and her safe combination.

During her stay at the mansion, her son Alex developed heart issues and she made contact with Renegade to smuggle the boy out of New Seattle to get the treatment he needs. She asked Mrs. Brinks for financial help to smuggle Alex out but when Brinks refused, the chef came up with a desperate plan. Having previously programmed the safe for Mrs. Brinks, the chef had become aware of the will leaving her and two other employees of the rich woman one million dollars each.

Ernie had shown off an invention he made to Carlton Clerg and the chef, and she stole the item to use against Mrs. Brinks on the shooting range at Crisp Pines Country Club. She fired a high velocity range ball into the dowager's left eye, killing her instantly and ditching the gun into a nearby pond. Unfortunately, her movements were noticed by the caddie. Though he didn't see enough of her to make out her identity, this led Clive, Liv, Ravi, and Officer Harris to drain the pond and find the murder weapon.

Later, when questioned by Clive and Liv, she was adroit enough to hide her involvement and feign surprise at the "discovery" of Mrs. Brinks will. However, she made the error of using her son's birthday for the safe's combination. After this was revealed and she was arrested, she wrote an address and asked Liv to contact Renegade and get Alex out of the city which they did.


  • Alex: Her son.
  • Sandy Brinks: Employer.
  • Carlton Clerg: Co-worker and friend who is the chauffeur of Mrs. Brinks.
  • Ernie: Co-worker and friend who was the gardener at the Brinks Mansion; it was Eddie who invented the Golf Ball Gun.
  • Renegade: Smuggler she had contacted to help get her son out of New Seattle.

Appearances 1/58

Season 4: 1/13


  • As they were good friends with the chef and Alex, Ernie and Carlton pooled some of the money from their shares of the will and offered it to Liv to help pay for Alex to get smuggled out of the city.
  • Her son's birthday is 083010; August 30th, 2010.