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Candy Baker is a minor recurring character first introduced in Season 1 of IZombie.

Season Two


Appearances: 12/71

Season 1: 1/13

Season 2: 3/19

Season 3: 2/13

Season 4: 2/13

Season 5: 4/13


  • After a "night" with Blaine (believing that the cure was still working on him and that he was still human), she is turned into a zombie.
  • In Season 3, she reappears, apparently still having worked for Blaine at Shady Plots.
  • In Season 4, she still works for Blaine; apparently as a hooker in The Scratching Post. We also learn she has accepted being a zombie, wishing the country would "go zombie". Additionally she almost completed flight attendant training before New Seattle.