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Carson McComb is a charming but cocky golden boy and pro snowboarder who is paid handsomely to put his face on things. He is currently a relationship with a marketing executive who works for the company that endorses him. He is a serial cheater, and has canonically slept with Ren Smith and Holly White even though he was already in a monogamous relationship with Eliza Marquette, and it is implied that he and Lowell Tracey may have had relations.

Season One

One appearence in episode five of season one, Flight of The Living Dead.


  • Eliza Marquette: Marketing executive with whom he in a relationship with.
  • Ren Smith: Professional sports player with whome he is having a fling with.

Appearances: 1/45

Season 1: 1/13


  • He is canonically bisexual.
  • The actor who portrays Carson McComb, Ryan Hansen, is one of many iZombie guest or reoccurring actors who have previously appeared on the Rob Thomas created show called Veronica Mars.