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Chief was a zombie that worked for Blaine DeBeers mainly as a muscle. He later became Don Eberhard's business partner after he took over the Utopium business.

Chief never spoke, instead opting to communicate via text. In an interview with TC Stark, Chief's actor stated that "going in I knew he [Chief] was a mute but I wanted him to be able to communicate so I spoke with writers and we came up with the text messaging."

Season Two

In Max Wager, he lost one eye because of Angus McDonough's man, who shot him on the face and the bullet went through out his eye.

After disappearing for several episodes, he later returns to the funeral home, bringing the severed head of the man who shot him.


Sired zombies

As a zombie, Chief has the ability to turn others into zombies via blood or scratching. To date, he has turned/"sired" the following zombies:

  • Gabriel

Appearances: 11/32

Season 2: 11/19


  • Chief's actor, Andre Tricoteux, provided on-set motion capture of Colossus in Marvel's Deadpool and Deadpool 2.
  • Chief has never once spoken and when he does, he types on his phone to show what he is wanting to say.