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Corinne is a character on IZombie who debuts in Season 1. She briefly dated Major Lilywhite. She is portrayed by Elise Gatien.

Season One

The Exterminator

Liv decides to apologize to Major for her behaviour the previous night as she was on romantic artist brain. She enters with coffee for herself and Major. Major meets Liv downstairs and Corrine appears drinking from Liv's old mug. They exchange a very awkward but not threatening conversation before Liv decides to leave.

Liv and Let Clive

Liv spies Major and Corrine playing a video game together in which they kill zombies.

Dead Air

After being beaten up by the Candyman (A.K.A Julien Dunpont) Corrine decides to break up with Major after stating that he was the perfect 'combination of body and smarts' but because of his recent behaviour she's done with him. She asks him to call her back when he changes his ways but evidently Major wasn't that desperate to rekindle their relationship.


  • Major Lilywhite: They were dating for a short while. Liv learned he had moved on from her, when Peyton showed her a video on Facebook of Major and Corinne kissing at a party.

Appearances: 3/32

Season 1 : 3/13


  • She is the second of Major's three romantic relationships: Liv, herself and Rita.