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Where is My Ring?
Pratt in Pilot

Detective Pratt is a Detective with the Seattle Police Department. He is portrayed by Ty Olsson.

Season 1

In Pilot, Lieutenant Suzuki hands the case for the murder of a Jane Doe off to Detective Pratt. Babineaux objects, saying he has leads on the other girls, but Suzuki doesn't care since Babineaux hasn't been able to get an arrest yet.

Liv goes to the police department when Pratt gets the address; then she returns to the morgue and meets Babineaux, who gives her a Romanian phrase to translate. She says it means "bearded pig" and Babineaux realizes that it is Pratt who had arranged to replace him on the case because he was getting too close.

By the time Babineaux and Liv get the address to find the girls, Pratt is already there and has them tied up. His goal is to find his wedding ring to avoid an aggressive confrontation from his wife, but unfortunately for him it was stolen and pawned by one of the girls in order to pay off college debts. Pratt, realizing his ring is now long gone, prepares to kill them until Babineaux intervenes, ensuing a chase between them. Pratt eventually gets away and outside. Liv chases him down with the car, cutting off his escape. He gets out and shoots her, dragging her out of the car and driving away. Babineaux sees this, but finds Liv mysteriously missing when he gets outside.

Liv is riding on top of the car, punching through the windshield and causing Pratt to crash. She's thrown from the roof and while he's unconscious, she wakes up in zombie mode and Babineaux interrupts her before she is able to eat his brain and is able to arrest him.

Physical Appearance

He is a bearded cop and has brown hair.