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Eva Moore is the mother of Olivia Moore and Evan Moore. She is a hospital administrator and a somewhat of an overbearing mother. It was hard for her to watch her ambitious daughter become a zombified couch potato who breaks off her engagement to every mom’s dream son-in-law. She disowned Liv when she refused to get her brother a blood transfusion and furthermore when she refused to confided into Eva about the reason which made Eva reasonably think her daughter was a drug user.



Season 1:

Season 2 : 1/19

Trivia Edit

  • Eva's name is a play on the term "Evermore" meaning forever.
  • It's presumed she moved out of Seattle before it became got bordered up with a wall and was rechristened "New Seattle" since Liv hasn't disclosed what has happened to her family after the zombies became public knowledge.
  • It's unknown how she took Liv's undead status when zombies first became public knowledge however it was never mentioned even after that if Eva reconciled with her daughter implying that their relationship was beyond mending.