Evan Moore is Olivia Moore's brother who appears in the series iZombie. He is a recurring character that first appeared in Season 1. He is a high schooler and he was horribly injured when he was caught in the explosion of Meat Cute Charcuterie. Though his mother wanted Liv to give him her blood, she refused, as she feared it would infect him due to her being a zombie. To Eva, this unexplained refusal drove a wedge between them, and she forbade Liv from visiting Evan during his recovery.

Season 1

He first appears as Olivia's younger brother in the pilot. He later gets a job with Blaine DeBeers's butcher shop Meat Cute not knowing that it's a front to harvest and sell human brains. When Evan reports for his first day of work, he gets injured in the explosion caused by Lieutenant Suzuki and is rushed to the hospital, where Liv denies giving him blood.

Season 2

While not seen after the first episode, Evan is mentioned as having received a blood transfusion from a doctor with the same blood type when Liv refused. While he recovered, his relationship with his sister was strained and their mother refused to let her see him while in the hospital.


  • Eva Moore - His mother
  • Olivia Moore - His older sister. After he was caught in the explosion at Meat Cute and Liv refused to use her blood as a transfusion (because she knew her blood would turn him into a zombie), Evan believed that she doesn't care about him. Since then the two have not had any form of contact.

Appearances: 6/58

Season 1: 5/13

Season 2: 1/19


  • His name is a play on the words "Even More".
  • It was revealed in the season 1 finale that he and his sister share the same blood type.
  • He is loosely based on Gavin DylanGwen Dylan's openly gay brother in the iZombie comics.
    • In a deleted scene, he comes out as gay to Liv and she comes out as a zombie to him.
  • It has been presumed that he has moved out of Seattle before it became got bordered up with a wall and was rechristened "New Seattle" since Liv hasn't disclosed what has happened to her family after the zombies became public knowledge.