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Fillmore-Graves is a private paramilitary corporation in the iZombie world.


History Of Command

The first Commander of Fillmore-Graves was an American Zombie man named Chase Graves.

The Second Commander was an American Zombie man named Major Lillywhite. He planned to make peace between Zombies and Humans, while preventing the Nuclear Threat by the US Government, and the threat of brain shortages. However, he was eventually betrayed, and gun downed by Fillmore-Graves commanded by Enzo Lambert, a Zombie extremist. Major barely escaped.

The Third, and presumably final Commander of Fillmore-Graves, Enzo Lambert was a French Zombie man who betrayed Major at the height of his power, and later would escape his imprisonment with the help of Martin Roberts, and become his lackey. His plans were completely Zombie focused, and intolerant of Human Resistance. His reign over New Seattle ran short, however, as Graham Moss fired fatal shots at Enzo, after Enzo is cleverly cured by Dr. Chakrabarti, to be killed by a Fillmore-Graves Soldier during the Battle of Seattle, in the KCEW TV Station.

The Supposed End of Fillmore-Graves

After the Battle for Seattle, Dolly Durkins; Leader of the Dead Enders, and very many members of Fillmore-Graves are shown to survive, or at least is hinted at having survived. We can only assume if it stayed together under yet another Commander, however, we may never know for certain.