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Fisher Webb aka Captain Seattle is a recurring character who first appeared in the Season 4 episode Are You Ready for Some Zombies?. He is portrayed by Jake Manley.

Season 4

Fisher Webb is one of a number of homeless zombie youth that Chase Graves invites to Fillmore-Graves under the guise of handing out extra brain rations. During their time at the facility, Fisher notices Thor threaten another young zombie. Unabashed, he defends the fellow participant placing himself in front of Thor, earning the nickname "Captain Seattle", and the notice of Major Lilywhite who is tasked with observing them.

Chase Graves later arrives and asks Major who out the participants would make proper recruits for Fillmore-Graves. Major indicates Fisher and Jordan Gladwell. During training, Fisher and Jordan form a rivalry of sorts and seem to constantly pick on one another.

Despite their initial adversity to each other, Fisher and Jordan seem to bond after some adventures including meeting the Prophet and his growing cult. Later at a human-zombie party meet, the two are seen kissing in a darkened corner of the bar.


  • Chase Graves: Leader of Fillmore-Graves and hence, Fisher's Commander.
  • Major Lilywhite: Fisher's immediate superior and current mentor.
  • Jordan Gladwell: Fellow inductee at Fillmore-Graves and current love interest.
  • Thor: A fellow participant of Fillmore-Graves secret recruitment. Thor was more of a rival, but failed to get chosen as a recruit.

Appearances 4/58

Season 4: 4/13


  • He is more often seen in the credits as "Captain Seattle" than his real name of Fisher Webb.
  • Early in the season, Jordan Gladwell often complains about how difficult it is to have a decent conversation with Fisher.