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Floyd Baracus was the boss of Peyton Charles, a client of Blaine DeBeers, and one of those taken by Major Lilywhite when he was the Chaos Killer.

Season Two

During Season Two, Floyd Baracus was one of the victims of the Chaos Killer but was eventually released by Vaughn Du Clark only to be tested on for a zombie cure.

Season Four

In Season Four, Floyd Baracus is lured into the office at The Scratching Post by Blaine and Don E. during the lockdown to find serial killer "Canes." While intoxicated by alcohol, Blaine convinces Floyd into taking an intense version of Utopium in order to distract him from Don E., who was injecting the cure into Floyd's bottom. Floyd starts to turn back into a human, yelling in excitement but is later shot by Blaine, who is wearing a mask. Blaine films the whole situation in order to prove to buyers that he has the cure for zombies to make millions with Don E.


Appearances: 14/45

Season 2 : 5/19

Season 3 : 7/13

Season 4 2/13