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Heaven Just Got a Little Bit Smoother
Season 3, Episode 1
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Air date April 4, 2017
Written by Rob Thomas
Directed by Dan Etheridge
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Heaven Just Got a Little Bit Smoother is the first episode of Season 3 and the 33rd episode of the series overall. It aired April 4, 2017 and had 0.95 million viewers.


Liv has discovered there are more zombies living in Seattle than she previously believed. In fact, there's a private military contractor employing a small zombie army, and that army is preparing for the day humans learn of their existence. Major was exonerated for the crimes of the Chaos Killer, but is still considered a pariah. He manages to land a job with the one and only place that will hire him. Meanwhile, Blaine is accused of lying. Malcolm Goodwin, Rahul Kohli and Aly Michalka also star.[1]


As Vivian Stoll attempts to come up with a cover-up explanation for what happened. Liv comes up with an explanation closer to the truth, and Vivian comments that Clive, Liv and Major come out looking like heroes, Major corrects Vivian that they won't be the main surprise. Armed soldiers for Vivian alert the group to take cover, they take cover behind a van and a bomb goes off in the building. Vivian comments "We think of everything".

Detective Cavanaugh recaps what he was told back to Peyton Charles, Blaine DeBeers and Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti. Cavanaugh becomes confused as to why Mr. Boss would think to use Peyton to lure out Blaine, Blaine has to explain-to Ravi's discomfort-that Mr. Boss found out that Blaine had feelings for Peyton. Peyton states that they were unreciprocated. Cavanaugh comments that Ravi was smart enough to not get involved because it would make for bad publicity, Peyton then informs Cavanaugh that there can't be any publicity and to call the Mayor if he wants a cover-up, she then gives him the number for the Mayor.

Liv pours spiced whiskey into a glass and carries a tray of different drinks to her friends, while her voice-over recaps what the characters have gone through. Major states that he doesn't understand why Mr. Boss would use Peyton to get to Blaine, Clive suggests that Peyton may have been romantically involved with Blaine, to Major's shock and Ravi's discomfort. Liv moves onto propose that there will be no big secrets between them (Peyton, Liv, Clive, Major and Ravi). Liv then states that she found Vivian Stoll and her soldiers eating Rob Thomas' brain, that she told Liv that Seattle would be the capital of a zombie homeland, and that she planned on making a zombie-human friendly city, unbeknowst to everyone else. The group discuss things and Liv, Major and Clive agree to find out more from Vivian.

Don. E becomes mad at Blaine, believing him to be faking his amnesia, however Blaine continues being confused, and Don praises him for his acting but becomes further mad when he doesn't break. Don asks for his money and when Blaine jokes, Don tries to quit but Blaine questions whether or not he had a two weeks notice for quitting, but lets him off telling him not to expect a letter of recommendation. Don goes into the basement and gets his coat, he stops to pull out Chief to search his pockets and then finds Angus McDonough.

Major and Ravi visit Major's house and find it vandalized with "Chaos Killer!", Ravi tries to convince Major it will get better. Major goes to meet with Liv, Clive turns up, Major and Liv are not happy that he's on time, Major states: "If you're early, you're on time. If you're on time, you're late.". Clive questions if they would be nicer if they ate non-solider brains, Major tells him that it depends on the brains, if they ate a train conductor's brains, he'd have a similar issue with them.

The group go into to the corporate headquarters, where Vivian clears some of their confusion up. Fillmore Graves is preparing for “D” Day—Discovery Day—the day that humankind finds out about zombiekind. They have a private army, the Supermax formula, and their own island. Fillmore Graves doesn’t seem particularly evil so much as pragmatic and prepared. Vivian shows them around the building and explains things further. Clive is shocked to find zombie children going to school—in particular he finds Wally Reid, a kid he knew as a human who is now a zombie. Clive's decision is made. For now, he will help keep Team Zombie's secret, even if he obviously has some reservations and floats alternative plans out to Liv.

Liv’s stoic soldier zombie brain begins to slowly wear off, something she is afraid of, due to having to later deal with the consequences. Ravi attempts to lean on Liv's shoulder about his anger with Peyton and Blaine having an intimate relationship. Liv is firm in making him understand that he has to feel it and deal with it and then move on. Ravi concludes hating the idea that it "had to be Blaine".

Peyton and Blaine talk in the basement, they recap things and Blaine questions the things he has been told about him and Peyton over the past few days, leading him to ask Peyton if they are dating. Peyton becomes speechless.

Major goes into a coffee shop and finds a newspaper report on the Max Rager launch party shootout, he orders a juice drink, a large Americano and the newspaper. He sits down to read the newspaper and gets up to get his Americano, he sips it and reads the writing on the cup: "Chaos Killer", replacing what would be his name, he puts the cup down and walks out of the shop.

Clive and Ravi talk in the morgue, Ravi informs that the first cure may make Major's lungs fill with fluid, suffer from pneumonia and die, the second cure may make him lose his memory-if Blaine is telling the truth. Ravi theorizes that he could come up with a cure that reverses the memory loss and attempts to show Clive how. Liv comes down and tells them that there will be an eyewitness to the Max Rager massacre live on the Chuck Bird show, they realize that it could end up exposing zombies.

Liv and Clive immediately drive down to the station, they attempt to bang on the window and stop the security guard from the Max Rager launch party from speaking further but Chuck presses him to continue, the security guard states that he saw people eating brains on air. Chuck then questions why they were trying to stop them on air and asks what the government is trying to hide. Clive and Liv drive back listening to the rest of the show, Clive tries to come to a positive conclusion but Liv knows it won't end well, she starts to feel the brain she is on wearing off and is taken over by despair over shooting her boyfriend due to Drake going full zombie and trying to attack Clive. Clive tries to make things better by saying she was merciful to him, as he was no longer him.

Peyton arrives home talking to a friend on the phone, Peyton is alarmed to know that someone is sending her threats and hate on Twitter. Clive brings Liv down to the morgue and tells her that he is alive because of the same actions she feels guilty about, Liv smirks as she falls asleep. Clive informs Ravi that the brain wore off and leaves. Peyton calls Ravi about the hate on Twitter and leaves a voicemail, however due to Ravi being mad at her and Blaine, he ignores her voicemails. Major comes down to inform Ravi that he got a new job where they don't care about him being accused of being the Chaos Killer.

Blaine plays the piano as Peyton calls him over for some company and card games. Meanwhile, Don tries to heat up Angus with a blowdryer. Angus wakes up and Don. E tells him his plans and everything that's happened so far. Angus states that because he can't move or argue back, he agrees that Don has good plans but wants to upscale them-to Don E's happiness.

Ravi and Liv receive a body in the morgue, it's explained to them that the body was found within the Max Rager massacre aftermath and Doctor Katty Kupps arrives stating that she'll be doing the examination. While doing the examination she questions why there are brains in the digestive system of the body, and why the victims flesh looks like they've been dead longer than the Max Rager massacre, Ravi and Liv become speechless. Ravi mentions he has to attend to a crime scene.

Ravi and Liv arrive at the crime scene and Cavanaugh states that Clive has handed the case out to him due to being connected to the victims. Ravi and Liv enter to realize one of the victims is Wally Reid, who has been shot in the head. Clive comes out of Wally's room visibly emotional, realizing the victims were killed because they were all zombies. Liv warns Clive that zombies need protection. Clive emotionally tells Liv that someone will pay for Wally's death.

Back at Fillmore Graves, Vivian Stoll gets off the phone, visibly emotional, presumably told that Wally Reid was murdered. She walks out and tells a teacher currently teaching a classroom full of zombie children. She is seen in the classroom telling the kids Wally was murdered, a kid walks up to her and comforts her. She cries in her arms and Liv appears to knock on the door. Liv and Vivian have an inaudible talk and Liv walks out of the building, Liv sees Fillmore Graves soldiers running past her, and is shocked to spot Major running along in he uniform, but then begins to smile.


Series Regulars:

Guest Starring:


  • Andre Tricoteux as Chief
  • Lucie Guest as Vivian's Assistant
  • Ashley Evans as Barista
  • Michael Soltis as EMT
  • Kelly Konno as Wally's Teacher
  • Nathan Mitchell as Troop Leader
  • Caitlin Stryker as Wally's Mom
  • Michasha Armstrong as Wally's Uncle
  • Dakota Guppy as Young Student #1
  • Keith Blackman Dallas as Billy Cook
  • Barb Mitchell as TV Reporter
  • Ted Cole as Tim Addis

Zombie Traits/Skills


  • Janko - Handling guns, particular about time, cold-hearted.


  • Janko - Handling guns, particular about time, cold-hearted.

Brain Food

  • Blaine is seen about to prepare a brain, but no recipe shown, as Peyton interrupts him.

Body Count

  • 100 (estimation by Clive), we also see a few dead bodies just before Vivian's team blow up the place.

Comic Panel Titles

Title Meaning

  • Heaven Just Got a Little Bit Smoother - One of tweet describe the passing of Rob Thomas(Musician from last episode) as "Heaven Just Got a Little Bit Smoother"


  • Smooth (feat Rob Thomas) - Santana
  • Human - The Human League
  • You Keep Me Hangin' On - The Supremes
  • Complicated Shadow - Elvis Costello & The Attractions


  • This episode marks the final appearance of the character Chief, played by Andre Tricoteux.
  • To start Season 3 off, "...the best friend" is now added to the opening sequence of introducing the main characters, it comes in between "...the ex-fiance", and "...the new job".


  • "I think what they're doing here is smart, I mean do we really believe there's gonna be a 'let's talk things out' with the zombies" - Major to Liv and Clive.
  • "They really seem to believe humanity's first impulse will be to exterminate zombie's" - Liv to Ravi.
  • "Aren't we the 'No Secrets' Club?" - Clive to Liv.
  • "We're the 'No Secrets Between Us' Club" - Liv to Clive.