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I, Zombie Issue 02
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" Oh, hey, Ellie. Is it morning already? Come on in and meet the dead guy who'll be crowding my head for the next week. "

-- Gwen Dylan

This is the second issue of the first volume of IZombie Comic Book Series.

Synopsis for "Working Stiffs"

Scott's co-workers become suspicious when Scott doesn't want to join them after work. They tease Scott about meeting a secret lover once a month. Scott turns into a wereterrier every full moon and hides out in he apartment on those nights.

Gwen has been painting the images in her head from her latest meal, trying to piece together how he was murdered. She paints his wife and child, a mysterious redhead, a mummy and a house. Ellie recognizes the house and she and Gwen make plants to visit it. Gwen meets her latest snack's widow and child in the cemetery and has an awkward moment when personal memories intrude.

Nemia, the leader of the Blood Sports Paintball vampires, is furious that someone has been making trips into town for snacks. She vows to finish anyone who puts her operation at risk. Meanwhile in town, Horatio and Diogenes discover a corpse (David, from the paintball group last issue) and realize it was a vampire's work.

Mr. Mummy is at home, talking to a snow leopard who appears to understand him. He regrets killing his latest victim, but justifies it by pointing out he was not a good man. Mr. Mummy is pleased that his recent treatment is coming along quite nicely. Ellie is slightly depressed that she will never get to visit the places she always dreamed about. Ghosts are bound to only the locations they visited in their lifetimes. Spot's friends are hit on by Claire, a member of the local vampire cadre and Diogenes and Horatio begin their bloodsucker hunt.

Appearing in "Working Stiffs"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Nemia (First full appearance)
  • Claire (First appearance)
  • Blood Sports Paintball Players
  • David (Appears only as a corpse)


  • Green Pastures Cemetary
  • Blood Sports Paintball
  • Whilamut Retirement Center (Single appearance)