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I, Zombie Issue 03
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  • The Dead Of Night
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"What's the matter, did we interrupt a super important game of Dungeons and Dragons?"

--Gwen Dylan

This is the third issue of the first volume of IZombie.

Synopsis for "The Dead of Night"

Claire picks up Ashok in a nightclub. She takes him outside, looking for a private place so she can feast on him. She bumps into Gwen and Ellie outside of Dixie's, knocking Gwen down. Horatio and Diogenes were tailing Claire. Horatio and Gwen have a moment of heavy attraction, but they only have time to quickly to exchange names before Horatio takes up his pursuit of Claire again.

Gwen has been flashing on the memories of her most recent meal. He was an all-around good family man with a loving wife and child. Then after a car accident, he changed. He could not control his impulses and emotions, lashing out at his family and having an affair with a mysterious woman.

Spot finds out the house in Gwen's vision is owned by a John Amon. Gwen and Ellie stake it out. After waiting for a long time and seeing no lights on, Ellie enters. As she is a ghost, she cannot be hurt. Gwen waits, then breaks in to go after Ellie. Gwen notices the inside is well kept, with a nice art collection. Hearing voices, she enters a room, and is greeted by John Amon, a snow leopard, and Ellie. John Amon tells Gwen it is a pleasure to finally meet her.

Spot is having a quiet evening at home in wereterrier form due to the full moon. Vincent uses the spare key to enter Spot's apartment to tell him about the woman Ashok picked up at the bar and discovers Scott in wereterrier form. In an alley, Claire and Ashok have lost Horatio and Diogenes. Claire bares her fangs to make her move on Ashok.

Appearing in "The Dead of Night"

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  • Dixie's Firehouse
  • John Amon's mansion (First appearance)