I, Zombie Issue 25
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  • The End: Part One
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I, Zombie Issue 24
I, Zombie Issue 26

This is the twenty fifth issue of IZombie Comics.

Synopsis for "The End, Part One" Edit

John Amon teaches Gwen Dylan to unlock her oversoul while Ellie and Francisco battle monsters in the park, when Strider, borrowing the body of Horatio, arrives on the scene. After dispatching the monsters, Strider informs Ellie and francisco that he is just borrowing Horatio's body, and he is actually a wandering soul heralding the arrival of Xitalu, the Great Devourer. Amon and Gwen witness the Hounds of Xitalu all over, and Amon explains the situation to her. The Dead Presidents and Diogenes fight more "Walk-Ins" as they discover that the Hounds are ripping a hole into their reality and are about to come through full throtle. Meanwhile, Galatea strikes a deal with the Bloodsport Paintball League to recover Francisco, so she can use him in an evil plan to control Xitalu.

Amon and Gwen return to their bodies and, based on the high stakes, Gwen agrees to help Amon kill everyone in town.

Appearing in "The End, Part One" Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Strider
  • Phantasm
  • The Dead Presidents
  • Fosser Corporation Gravediggers
  • Bloodsport Paintball League


  • Oregon
  • Eugene
  • Dixie's Firehouse