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IZOMBIE Issue 01
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  • Dead To The World
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I, Zombie Issue 02

" A girl tells them one time she's interested in and they latch on like leeches, bleeding it dry. It would be cute if id wasn't so sad. "

-- Gwen Dylan

This is the first issue of iZOMBIE comic book series.

Synopsis for "Dead To The World"

Gwen is a zombie who works as a gravedigger in Eugene, Oregon in order to be close to a ready food supply. She needs to eat one brain a month or she turns into a shambling creature out of Night of the Living Dead. After going out for the evening to Dixie's Firehouse with her ghost friend Ellie and the wereterrier Spot, Gwen is spotted by Diogenes and Horatio who work for an organization dedicated to stamping out the living dead. Horatio is smitten by Gwen, not realizing she is a zombie. Gwen does not see Horatio.

In other part of town, a group of female vampires have set up Blood Sports Paintball as a front to lure men in the woods at night. The vampires isolate them men and snack on them, releasing them without their knowledge.

Gwen returns to the cemetery without incident and digs up her latest meal. When she eats brains, she also gets the memories that they come with. Her most recent snack was murdered, so she promises to find the killer to get him to shut up.

Appearing in "Dead To The World"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Rico (First appearance)
  • Trey (First appearance)
  • Blood Sports Paintball Team (First appearance)
  • Nemia (First appearance)
  • Blood Sports Paintball Players (First appearance)
  • Steve (First appearance)
  • Dave (First appearance)


  • Green Pastures Cemetary (First appearance)
  • Dixie's Firehouse (First appearance)
  • Blood Sports Paintball (First appearance)


  • Dixie Mason Action Doll (First appearance)



Created by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred.


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