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IZombie Issue 28
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  • The End: Conclusion
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I, Zombie Issue 27

"Xitalu, a soul-devouring monster from beyond space and time, had come to eat every living soul on Earth. And it looked like there was nothing anyone could do to stop it. Well, I could stop it." -- Gwen Dylan

This Issue marks the conclusion of IZombie Comic Series.

Synopsis for "The End, Conclusion"

The end has arrived! Xitalu is breaking into our reality. It's up to Gwen Dylan to stop Xitalu. The plan is for her to force feed it a bunch of souls all at once, which should drive it back to where it came. However, those souls would include everyone that she knows and loves. Reluctantly, Gwen moves into position as instructed by John Amon. There they run into Galatea and her chronies, who are working on their own evil schemes to control Xitalu, by somehow draining Xitalu's power into Francisco. While Amon directly tries to intercede in Galatea's plans, Tricia Nakagawa hits Claire over the head with a rifle and detaches Francisco, her ex-lover, from the strange device that is draining Xitalu. Amon and Galatea don't notice Francisco getting away, but it doesn't matter because Xitalu drains their souls at that moment. Without Amon, Gwen is now left without guidance.

Strider arrive upon the scene, and Gwen recognizes him to be her estranged lover Horatio. Strider claims that he must now leave to warn the next world of Xitalu's imminent arrival and leaves Horatio's body. After a passionate kiss, Gwen formulates a new plan. She has decided that Xitalu has a soul just like anyone else, and she could absorb it and digest it! As Gwen ingests its soul, she grows larger and Xitalu grows smaller, until she finally pops its skull and eats its brains. As she digests Xitalu's memories, she realizes that she understands "everything" and needs to move on. She has become a being of the higher dimensions. She says good-bye to her friends and flies through the rip that Xitalu had caused, just before it closes up. A bit later, she takes a moment to enter into Francisco's body and write down her story.

Appearing in "The End, Conclusion"

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  • Strider
  • Fosser Corporation Gravediggers
  • Bloodsport Paintball League


  • Oregon




  • "Spot" and Gavin Dylan get married and start a non-profit support network for the undead named "iZombie".