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The Mythology

The iZombie mythology classifies supernatural creatures using the Egyptian concept of an oversoul (memories, rational thought) and an undersoul (passion, animalistic). Central character John Amon lays it out thusly:

  • Ghost: A roaming oversoul.
  • Poltergeist: A roaming undersoul.
  • Zombie: A revived body with only an undersoul, hungering for the memories and thoughts stored within brains.
  • Vampire: A revived body with only an oversoul, with an animal hunger for the emotions and fears stored in blood.
  • Revenant: A revived body with both undersoul and oversoul intact (but requiring human flesh to sustain itself).
  • Thrope: A person sharing their body with an animal undersoul.
  • Possessed: A person sharing their body with (or is being controlled by) a human oversoul.
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