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Liv, Ravi. Try not to be sad. Nobody's been luckier than me. I got to meet the two of you. And what did they say on Zombie High when Corlenia died? "I'm just a meat with a spark. And then i'm not. Hits you right here, doesn't it?. I love you guys. And i always will (kiss).
— Isobel message for Liv & Ravi.

Isobel Katherine Bloom was a recurring character of iZombie during Season 4. She is the first human known to be immune to the zombie virus and as such, her brain is a cure for the virus itself. She is currently deceased after succumbing to Freylich Syndrome.

She was portrayed by guest star Izabela Vidovic.


Isobel Bloom was a terminally ill young girl from Boise, Idaho who Liv helps smuggle into New Seattle, though she appears to be immune to the zombie virus. Accepting her fate, she hopes to help Ravi work towards a successful zombie vaccine before ultimately passing away. As part of her dying wish, Isobel wanted Liv to be the zombie to eat her brain. Upon experimenting with her brain, Ravi discovered that her brain was a cure itself which Liv was going to eat in order to become human. Liv, however, decided to give the cure to Dale Bozzio.

Appearances 4/58

Season 4: 4/13