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Janko was a hitman for Vaughn Du Clark, who was hired to take out Liv, which led to his death.

Season Two

Dead Beat

He was ordered by Vaughn to take out Liv, and on the courthouse steps, he readied his weapon (an umbrella with a spike at the tip), but was unable to get close. He later ambushed Liv at the morgue, and was transferring her in a body bag into his van when Ravi returned, but first paid him no notice. Upon seeing signs of a struggle, Ravi knocked him on the head, then grabbed Liv and revived her with an EpiPen, but Janko came back in and tried to tranq Ravi, but Liv intercepted it. He and Ravi then fought, and they were struggling on the ground for the gun when Ravi accidentally tranquilized him, which he set to a fatal dose and which killed him.


He was a serious and quiet individual, and did his best to fulfill the tasks he was given. He had no remorse for those he killed or hurt.


  • Vaughn Du Clark: Vaughn was his employer, and neither seemed to care much about the other.
  • Rita: Co-worker.
  • Major Lilywhite: Co-worker, briefly by default.
  • Liv: Liv was one of Janko's targets, and he had no qualms about killing her.
  • Ravi Chakrabarti: He and Ravi hadn't met previously, and Janko had no ill will to him, however, when Ravi found he had tranq'd Liv and was trying to take her away, they fought and Ravi accidentally killed him. Ravi was greatly affected by killing Janko, and was going to turn himself in for murder before Liv talked him out of it by saying it was self-defense.