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Johnny Frost is a recurring character that happens to be the local weather man at KTSW. He was considered a suspect in the Pilot episode for the murder of Tatiana. As of Spanking the Zombie, he is no longer a weatherman but an anchorman for the network. He is portrayed by Daran Norris.

Season One


In the series pilot he is considered a suspect for the killing of the kleptomaniac escort, Tatiana. He later proves his innocence by giving proof he only hired her once.


In the episode he appears as a hallucination to Liv. He first appears to identify the body of Scott E. But he also helped Olivia Moore discover Scott E's phone and find the Lake Washington Boat massacre video by using the quote,

"63 degrees and that's 17 celcius"

Season Two

Pour Some Sugar, Zombie

After a prostitute is murdered, Liv and Peyton meet Johnny Frost at a strip club while investigating. He is not a suspect but does point them in the right direction while saying to Liv (who is on hooker brain) to give him a lap dance. She almost obliges until Peyton pulls her away.

Season Three

Spanking the Zombie

Once again Johnny Frost appears as a suspect in the death of a dominatrix. He provides a solid alibi but says he was a client. He quickly shoos Liv and Clive away because he has been promoted and cannot deal with 'the bad publicity' and also says how '"whenever a sex worker dies, why do you always come to me?'"

Looking for Mr. Goodbrain, Part 2

Along with many of the people who received the shots, he became a zombie. Liv approaches him before he goes on the air and tells him what he has become and what to say on live TV.


  • Unnamed Wife
  • Tatiana
  • A phone sex worker
  • a prostitute
  • a dominatrix
  • Brandt Stone - served as Johnny's lawyer in one instance.
  • Scott E - pot dealer


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


  • Johnny Frost's appearance in the show is considered a sort of running gag, with him appearing in at least an episode every season, as a reference to the pilot.
  • In his office he has a desk with more than a dozen snow globes.
  • Whenever a female sex worker of some kind is killed he is almost guaranteed to be in the episode.
  • He has a wife. It is unknown if she knows of his sex-capades.
  • As of Spanking the Zombie, he was promoted to anchor and cannot have these scandals ruining him.