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Jordan Gladwell is a recurring character who first appeared in the Season 4 episode Are You Ready for Some Zombies?. She is portrayed by Jade Payton.

Season 4

Jordan Gladwell is one of a number of homeless zombie youth that that Chase Graves invites to Fillmore-Graves under the guise of handing out extra brain rations. Jordan is very enthusiastic about the extra brain rations. After being introduced to Major Lilywhite she somehow sneaks out to one of the vending machine dispensers and relieves it of the surplus of brain tubes. She shares these with the rest of the participants as well as hordes a large amount of them to take to her siblings.

Major discovers this but doesn't report her right away. getting more of the brain tubes for her siblings. Chase Graves arrives and asks Major who out the participants would make proper recruits for Fillmore-Graves. Major indicates Fisher Webb and Jordan, both of whom are inducted into the training regimen. During training, Fisher and Jordan form a rivalry of sorts and seem to constantly pick on one another.

Despite their initial adversity to each other, Fisher and Jordan bond after some adventures including Jordan losing her composure and going into full-on zombie mode and also meeting the Prophet and his growing cult. Later at a human-zombie party meet, the two are seen kissing in a darkened corner of the bar.


  • Chase Graves: Leader of Fillmore-Graves and hence, Fisher's Commander.
  • Major Lilywhite: Fisher's immediate superior and current mentor.
  • Fisher Webb: Fellow inductee at Fillmore-Graves and current love interest.
  • Thor: A fellow participant of Fillmore-Graves secret recruitment, who did not make the cut.

Appearances 1/58

Season 4: 4/13

Season 5: 2/13


  • Jordan has a habit of forgetting to keep her helmet secured properly, for which her fellows constantly berate her.