Lola Abano

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Lola Abano is an artsy bohemian who becomes the prime suspect when her artist husband, Javier Abano, is murdered.

In Brother, Can You Spare a Brain? Lola enters her apartment to find her husband Javier stabbed through the eye and dead. Clive is trying to get information from the couple who had walked in earlier, but the woman is hysterical and the man is trying to get Clive to back off and let her recover. Clive thinks it's Lola who killed Javior Later, Clive takes Liv to see Lola. Her friend Tasha was the one in the vision. Lola calls her "my favorite of all of Javier's lovers." Later, she's telling Clive about Javier's art, which dominated their life. Meanwhile, Liv can't keep her eyes off of Tasha...and at one point they hold hands. Lola explains that the pair had an open relationship, and Clive has a hard time believing that monogamy wasn't important to them. Later, Clive is interviewing Javier and Lola's friend and art dealer, who had been the one to bring Lola home the night of the murder. They figure out that the teenager Javier slept with got pregnant and that a shorter person could have killed Javier and made the angle look like it was coming from above. Clive figures out that Lola always wanted children and that while the fooling around didn't bother her, the fact that Javier was going to have a child with a friend's daughter did. The dealer, who had been in love with Lola, is furious that she was using him to protect herself. After Lola is caught, she can only tearfully respond that her husband was going to leave her for a teenage girl before being taken away.

Appearences: 1/58

Season 1: 1/13

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