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Mama Leone, professionally known as Renegade, was a zombie who ran an organization which smuggled humans through the border of Seattle in order to save their lives by turning them into zombies.


Season 4

Renegade was turned into a zombie by a man that offered her food for $25k a month (most likely was Blaine DeBeers). She was married to a man named Max, who was murdered after she tried to tell Lieutenant Suzuki about Blane's operation, and that is when Renegade first met Liv in the morgue. Since then, she been watching over Liv, while learning about zombie.

Shortly after, New Seattle was formed and the city was put on lock-down. Renegade became a human smuggler because she still felt the impact of losing Fred and it feels "good" to save someone's life and reunite families.

While smuggling humans - now under the alias Mama Leone - Renegade helps Liv capture a crooked coyote. This sparks a relationship between Liv and Renegade.

Soon, a man with Parkinson's is smuggled into New Seattle by Renegade and her crew. To cure him, Renegade turns him into a zombie. This is illegal due to brain shortages, and punishable by death. Chase Graves, once he found out, orders Blaine DeBeers to hunt her down. Blaine and one of his men storm the laundromat where Mama Leoni smuggles people.

Renegade is secretly taken to a zombie prison and frozen at Fillmore Graves. When discussing it with the Fillmore Graves board, a pressured Chase Graves is forced to unfreeze and publicly execute Renegade using the new zombie guillotine. Liv finds out and rushes to watch. Renegade then is killed by order of Chase Graves. Liv walks over to a grieving Renegade employee, Levon Patch (who was also a suspect in Liv's most recent homicide case) and ordered him to round up Mama Leone's crew as she will continue Renegade's work.

Renegade was running a crew helping people enter and escape New Seattle.


  • Levon Patch: a zombie who assisted Renegade in her smuggling operation.


Season 4:


  • The moniker, Mama Leone, is a reference to a line in the pilot episode of Veronica Mars, a show also written and created by Rob Thomas. Veronica's father says, "Up and at ‘em, Atom Ant, come on. It’s family fun night. I called out to Mama Leone’s, I rented The South Park Movie."
    • Mama Leone is also a reference to Billy Joel's song, "Moving Out. The lyric says, "Mama Leone left a note on the door, She said, Sonny, move out to the country. This is pointed out by Blaine DeBeers.