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Max Rager is the corporation in the iZombie that is responsible for creating the zombie virus. It manufactures a sports drink of the same name.

It is revealed that the CEO of the company Vaughn Du Clark is aware that its sports drink causes intense short-term emotional and distinct psychological side effects, learned from the incident reports and Max Rager research findings he has kept hidden from the public. After later becoming aware of the full extent of the side effects and existence of zombies when his enforcer returned as one, Vaughn has employed methods of systematic zombie eradication.

After a conversation with a scientist about manufacturing and marketing Super Max as a powerful, superior energy drink, he demands the Max Rager drink be produced without zombie side effects so they can mass produce it without creating zombies, while he makes a plan to eradicate all zombies. Critics of Max Rager or its CEO on social media are often targeted by Vaughn Du Clark, who drinks Max Rager and increasingly shows signs of insanity.

Vaughn Du Clark was in talks to sell Max Rager to the private military contractor Fillmore-Graves, which would earn him more money than he could spend in a lifetime[1].

Max Rager drink in combination with tainted Utopium turns people into zombies instantaneously[1].