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Minor is a basset hound that Major Lilywhite took from Colin Andrews, one of the zombies he was ordered to kill by Vaughn Du Clark.

Season Two

Major keeps the dog to live with him and Ravi Chakrabarti. Deeply troubled, he neglects the dog for a period of time, upsetting Ravi.

Some time later, after leaving Minor with a dog groomer, he learns that the police are tracking the dog via GPS. He tells the groomer a made-up story to convince her not to tell the police he was there. The police track the signal to a park where they find a loose dog collar in the bushes. Major, still thinking the dog is being tracked, abandons Minor on a bus.

Some time later, a newspaper article appears about the Chaos Killer victims, and with it a photo of the dog. Ravi recognizes the dog's markings as identical to Minor's and urges Major to contact the police, but he brushes it off[1]. The dog groomer sees the same photo and gives Major's name to the police. The police then arrest Major under suspicion of being the Chaos Killer.

It is revealed to Ravi that Andrews' brother took Minor in, and the dog is currently being cared for by him.



Season 2

Season 3


  • The name "Minor" is a pun on Major's name.