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A call girl who Blaine zombified through sex, she is forced to accept an exclusive zombie clientele to maintain her brain supply. She strikes up a friendship with Major when he is sent to kill her at the behest of Max Rager, and ends up consciously frozen. Major expects to find and liberate her during the Super Max "Lockdown" party, but does not, and her whereabouts are a mystery. We later discover that she convinced Janko to sell her to a client by the name of Osborn Oates, who holds her prisoner as a sex slave. After Major gives her a dose of the zombie "cure," she travels the world before returning to Seattle and reaching out again to Major. The two become a couple and plan to move to Italy—but she is inadvertently killed by anti-zombie leader Harley Johns in a suicide bombing. Her death, along with that of his colleagues, cause Major to become disillusioned, and he voluntarily becomes a zombie once more in order to rejoin Fillmore-Graves.

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