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Otto Harrison was a minor character who first appeared in the Season 4 episode Goon Struck. He was portrayed by Adam Kirschner.

Season 4

Otto Harrison was a zombified bus driver for one of New Seattle's many bus routes. Due to a tightening of the brain rations offered by Fillmore-Graves, the brain tubes given to Otto and his family was not enough. To feed his children and wife, Otto often went without the necessary amount and started to show the strains of a zombie on the verge of going feral.

After one such incident involving a nurse who frequented his route, he was brought before Peyton Charles. The assistant DA dismissed the charges and allowed Otto to return to work, even going so far as to offer additional brain tubes for him and his family.

Unfortunately, an accident occurred some time afterwards with a bus collision and the scent of death and fresh brains sent Otto into a feral state and he began attacking survivors, finally being felled by the nurse who brought up the first charges against him.

Later, Peyton tells Chase Graves about the tragedy. The leader of Fillmore-Graves says he will personally see to it that Otto's zombie family gets the necessary brain tubes they need.


  • Family: Unnamed individuals consisting of a wife and at least two children, each of whom have been zombified.

Appearances 1/58

Season 4: 1/13


  • It is unknown if the accident occurred from negligence due to Otto's reduced brain consumption or not.