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Don't you get it? There's nothing you can do... You've already lost
— Patrice Gold, Looking for Mr. Goodbrain Part 2

Patrice Gold is a jaded teenage zombie introduced in Season 3.

In the season finale, she is ultimately revealed to be the killer of Katty Kupps and is later taken into custody by Fillmore-Graves soldiers alongside her best friend, Tatum Weckler, for both being an accomplice to her mother and the attempted murder of Liv.

As the soldiers had their guns trained on the girls, their current fates remain uncertain.


Patrice is the daughter of Filmore-Graves executive, Carey Gold, who was killed by Chase Graves after staging a coup against FG.


Patrice was sired at the FG Fourth of July party along with best friend Tatum and Liv's season 3 love interest, Justin Bell.

She was scratched.

Physical Appearance

Patrice Gold Season 3 Finale.png

Patrice is of South Asian descent. She is a 5'4, 14 year old girl with wavy brown hair and brown eyes.

She is seen wearing predominantly pants and sweaters.


  • Immortality

While Zombies aren't completely immortal (being trapped in a paradox between life and death) Patrice does not belong to either and is therefore unharmed by many human trifles.

  • Adrenaline

It may be a downfall but it has its perks too, Adrenaline rushes make Zombies more powerful and harder to kill.


  • Hunger for Brains

The downfall for most Zombies, who must feed on brains once a month to keep their humanity and survive.

  • Adrenaline

A zombie's abilities are triggered by adrenaline rushes, making them hard to control and hard to hide, as seen in Looking for Mr. Goodbrain Part 1.

(Known) Kill Count

  1. Katy Kupps