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Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti is a main character of iZombie. Ravi is a Medical Examiner with the King County Medical Examiner's Office. He also becomes Liv's friend, partner, and confidante, and their relationship is a mutually-beneficial, yet unlikely, friendship that proves to be as solid as they come.

Season One

In Pilot, Ravi confirms his suspicions that Liv is indeed a zombie. After he asks her to sew a victim back together, he leaves her alone only to return not long after catching her eating the victim's brains. He becomes excited about her condition and begins pressing her with questions after he explains how he suspected she was in fact a zombie. While they're talking detective Clive Babineaux walks in on them to ask Ravi if he has any information on the Jane Doe. When Liv has a vision about the Jane Doe and tells Clive about it and he asks how she would know that, Ravi covers for her by telling him that Liv's a psychic. After running more tests on Liv he begins the process of searching for a cure while continuing to help her and Clive.

In Brother, Can You Spare a Brain?, Ravi and Liv go to a crime scene to help the investigation of a murdered artist. He also enlists a police sketch artist to draw the face of the zombie Liv saw in her vision so that they can find him. When it works and Blaine shows up at the morgue Ravi begins to run tests on him, questioning him as well. He later attends a party with Liv and Det. Babineaux to work on the investigation further.


Ravi Chakrabarti is a high-energy, enthusiastic nerd with a brilliant mind; however, that mind does not seem to be equipped with a filter or an off switch. He is hard-working, smart, and a kind and caring friend. He is good friends with Liv and has a knack for observation as he successfully deduced Liv is a zombie. He even goes so far as trying to develop a cure for Liv.

Ravi was fired from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention over his obsession with prevention of a biological weapons attack and the prediction of a zombie outbreak which later turned out to be correct.

Physical Appearance

Ravi is a tall, thin man of South Asian descent with brown eyes, black hair, and a beard. Once Ravi’s infection grows he begins to develop a small white streak in his hair. In 2030, his hair has begun greying.


  • Olivia Moore: Employee and close friend. He was the first person to find out/figure out Liv is a Zombie.
  • Major Lilywhite: Roommate and friend.
  • Peyton Charles: His girlfriend.
  • Blaine DeBeers: Enemy by association turned uneasy ally/romantic rival for Peyton's affections.
  • Steph: Ex-Girlfriend.
  • Katty Kupps: One-Night Stand and prior boss of his.

Kill Count

1. Janko - During a struggle over a tranq gun, Ravi injected it into Janko, who had set it to a fatal level, thus killing him accidentally.

Appearances: 71/71

Season 1: 13/13

Season 2 : 19/19

Season 3: 13/13

Season 4: 13/13

Season 5: 13/13


  • His favorite color is blue.
  • He took four years of German in high school, just so he could sit behind Alexa Bechenbauer, the prettiest girl in high school and smell her hair.
  • Ravi is technically the only zombie who can't infect someone through sex. He is human until one a month where the virus reasserted itself and he is a zombie for 3 days.
  • His avatar on MMORPG Warlock Forest is a WereTerrier named ArfVader.
  • He is from London, and his parents still live there.
  • Rahul Kohli's beard is protected by his contract.
  • Rahul Kohli revealed in an interview with SourceFedNerd that Liv and Clive's actors need to wear heels when filming with him, due to him being 6'4".
  • He is a huge fan of Star Wars, and likes to name his rats after Star Wars titles. He appears to like the sequels over the prequels, as he told Liv once that he preferred to name one rat New Hope instead of Phantom Menace.
  • He is a Liverpool F.C. fan.
  • He has a green card.
  • As of the Season 2 episode, Pour Some Sugar, Zombie, Ravi knows that Major is the "Chaos Killer", though he does not know that Major is freezing the bodies instead of killing them.
  • He is the captain of his Call of Duty team.
  • Rahul Kohli is a notable fan of YouTube gaming channels, frequently tweeting about Achievement Hunter, Funhaus, Inside Gaming, and various others. Furthermore, he has appeared in an AH Let's Play for the game Left 4 Dead 2, an episode of Funhaus's Open Haus, and a GTA V let's play with the Funhaus crew.