These are rules that every user browsing and editing the iZombie Wiki is expected to follow. They are in place to assure the community is a safe and respectful place for all users. Not following the rules will result in the consequences listed below. Therefore it is important for all new users to read trough. If you see anyone breaking these rules and see an admin hasn't noticed, please inform them.

User Rules

  • Be respectful towards all users of this wiki.
  • Don't swear or use profane language anywhere or to anyone.
  • Don't harass other users, don't threaten other users and don't fight with other users.
  • Don't leave any inappropriate comments.

Editing Rules

  • When creating a new page please inform an admin so we can keep track.
  • Don't create a page unless you have intention on adding information to it.
  • Don't vandalise articles.
  • Don't rename a page without an admins permission.
  • Don't change a pages format.

Warnings and Consequences

  • 1st offence = a warning
  • 2nd offence = a warning and 1 week block
  • 3rd offence = a final warning and month block
  • further offences = an infinite block