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Sandy Brinks was a minor character who first appeared in the Season 4 episode Blue Bloody. She was portrayed by Ann Walker.

Season 4

Sandy Brinks was a rich dowager living within New Seattle, lived in a large manor and had numerous servants, and frequented the Crisp Pines Country Club. She was said to be a repugnant and often insulting woman who looked down on those she sees as less than herself, mainly common workers.

On a round of golf one day with her friend, Maxine Lippman, Sandy was struck by a high-velocity range ball through the left eye and instantly killed by an unknown individual.


  • Maxine Lippman: A friend and fellow rich elitist with whom Sandy golfed. They often gossiped about people they knew.
  • Carlton Clerg: Her chauffeur with whom she was having an affair.
  • Ernie: Her gardener.
  • Brinks Chef: Her chef who resides at the mansion.
  • Alex: The young son of the chef who also resides at the mansion.
  • Caddie: The unnamed, young man who caddied for her at the Crisp Pines Country Club.

Appearances 1/58

Season 4: 1/13


  • Despite being seemingly cold-hearted, callous and stingy with her money, she allotted a million dollars to each of her three primary employees in her will in case of her death.