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Scott Eberhard, more commonly known as Scott E, was a recurring character. He was portrayed by Bryce Hodgson. Scott E was a friend of Major Lilywhite while he was in a mental facility. Unfortunately, after not showing up for a chess game, he was found by Major in his bath tub - dead.

Season 1

In Mr. Berserk, Scott E approached Major after their group sessions end. Scott then telling him that he also have a similar situation, a "Candy Man" situation. As Major flee back to his room, Scott E telling him that they had a Red eye and crazy, which catch Major attention. When Major questioning what they are, Scott E revealed to him that they're Zombie.


Appearances: 3/71

Season 1: 2/13

Season 5: 1/13


  • He was 24 at his time of death.
  • He had a 145 IQ.
  • Bryce Hodgson then went on to play Don Eberhard, Scott E.'s identical twin brother in Season 2 and for the rest of the series.