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Sebastian Meyer was a recurring character in iZombie. He was a hitman working for Max Rager and was contracted by Vaughn Du Clark to kill Olivia Moore.


Sebastian had a cold personality and didn't appear to show any mercy for his victims.

However, he did love his aunt Edna very much; she supported him and believed he had potential. The fact he couldn't resist his zombie hunger and killed her made him hate himself and further misplace his anger towards Liv for his zombification. His vendetta lead him to attack Peyton in revenge, hoping to have Liv share his pain by losing a loved one to zombism.

Physical Appearance

While human, Sebastian had blue eyes and black hair. Upon transformation, his hair turned white and his skin turned pale.



Season 1:


  • His foolish sadism towards his victims is what lead to his zombification. Had he not licked Liv's blood, he wouldn't have zombified after Liv ran him over.