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Mr. Stacey Boss is Seattle's leading crimelord. He controls narcotics (including untainted Utopium), bookmaking, prostitution, smuggling, trafficking and murder-for-hire, and has bribed one in eight cops and one in three judges. Despite his unassuming nature, he scares most of his subordinates enough not to rat him out.

Following the downfall of his criminal empire, Stacey went out of the U.S. to avoid arrest. However, he manages to sneak back in to kill Blaine. Though thanks to zombie-immortality, Stacey was forced into the brain business by shipping brain from other countries he had business in. By the fourth season, they are on equal terms with the business making them both rich.

Personality and Appearance

Stacey Boss, also simply called Mr. Boss, is a cunning, cold and ruthless individual. Though his relatively short stature and feminine first name can sometimes lead his peers to underestimate him at first glance, he is currently the most powerful and feared man in the Seattle underworld. He does not tolerate defiance or disloyalty from those around him and will kill anyone who insults him or whom he considers a threat.

Season Two

Season Three


  • Peyton Charles - Mr. Boss has shown a strong dislike for Peyton as she is the person who is given the task force to take down his criminal enterprise. He often attempts to intimidate her and insists that he is untouchable.
  • Blaine DeBeers - It is revealed that on the night of the boat massacre, Blaine had been under Boss's employ while selling the Utopium which, after being bitten, he escaped with the remaining utopium he used to start the Meat Cute business.
  • Kenny - Employee, who is basically an enforcer for Mr. Boss.
  • Howard - Employee, who is basically a low-level enforcer for Mr. Boss.
  • Hutch - Employee, who is basically an enforcer.
  • Dougie - Employee, who is basically an enforcer.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5


  • In the episode, Return of the Dead Guy, he finds out about the existence of zombies.
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