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Thor is a minor character who first appeared in the Season 4 episode Are You Ready for Some Zombies?. He is portrayed by Ty Wood.

Season 4

Thor is one of a number of homeless zombie youth that Chase Graves invites to Fillmore-Graves under the guise of handing out extra brain rations. During their time at the facility, Thor threatens another young zombie but is stared downed by Fisher Webb. Before violence can ensue, Major Lilywhite intervenes.

During quieter chats with the gathered youth, it is revealed that Thor was beaten and abused by his father, which explains his bullying attitude.


  • Fisher Webb: A fellow participant of Fillmore-Graves secret recruitment. Fisher stood up to Thor's bullying of another homeless youth.
  • Jordan Gladwell: A fellow participant of Fillmore-Graves' secret recruitment.

Appearances 1/58

Season 4: 1/13