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Hey! I'm Tucker and you've stumbled upon my userpage! I am currently an admin on various American Cartoon sites, a Councilor, and a member of the Fan Contributor Program. I was a member of the now defunct Wikia Star program and a former intern at Wikia/Fandom during the summer of 2015.

My main Fandom communities are the Steven Universe, Undertale, and Gravity Falls sites on which I'm also administrator. You can find me on chat, on the forums, categorizing things, editing templates or articles, but the best way to contact me is definitely through Message Wall.

I also run the twitter https://twitter.com/GravityWiki with YazzyDream.

KPehT is my bot account, not an impersonator! My bot mostly does mass image categorization.

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Fellow admins on the Steven Universe Wikia: Squiggles | Lil | Killer | Oz | Andrey | Len | Cal | Lars | Ame
Fellow admins on the Gravity Falls Wikia: Yazzy | Peace | Juan | Valk | Terri

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How did you get an internship at Fandom?
    • I asked! Essentially I got in contact with some of the staff members and asked! Everyone I've worked with at Fandom is super kind. I know staff members can be intimidating, but they really love it when users reach out to them!
  2. What does it mean that you are a councilor?
    • Here's the official description: The Community Council is Fandom's private product testing and feedback group. Members are Fandom users who have been selected by Staff to provide preliminary feedback and user testing on new features that are under development.
  3. When did you join Wikia?
    • I made my first edit back in April 2011. Good luck finding it ;)
  4. What is your favorite community?
    • I don't have an absolute favorite site. Although I will always have a special place in my heart for the Gravity Falls Wiki, you are more likely to find me on the Steven Universe Wiki nowadays.
  5. Where are you from/where do you live?
    • I'm generally found either in Michigan, Pennsylvania, or Massachusetts- so definitely in the Eastern Time Zone.
  6. How do you know all of those languages!
    • I have parents that speak both Spanish and Portuguese. I took Japanese for several years in High School, and was very lucky to have a high school that offered it! I recently received a scholarship from the US Government to study Korean and was there in South Korea for two months in the summer of 2016.
  7. Whats up with that photo!?
    • That's a drawing that a friend of mine did of my cosplay of Jamie from Steven Universe!
  8. What do you actually look like?