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You've Got to Hide Your Liv Away
Season 4, Episode 12
Air date May 21, 2018
Written by Diane Ruggiero-Wright & John Bellina
Directed by Jason Bloom
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Insane in the Germ Brain
And He Shall Be a Good Man

You've Got to Hide Your Liv Away is the twelfth episode of Season 4. It originally aired on May 21, 2018 and had 0.64 million viewers.


Liv is removed from Seattle by Major to protect her from Fillmore-Graves while Ravi helps Clive investigate Brother Love a murder by consuming the brain of a narcissistic woman.


The episode begins with Liv and Ravi talking about Isobel's death. Levon comes in, and reveals that Fillmore-Graves wants Renegade to surrender themselves. Liv promises not to do that.

Major is visited by Captain Dobbs, who talks about Fillmore-Graves needing new leadership. Major goes to comfort Jordan in the next room, and she suggests that he apply to be the leader. She then shows him the Renegade ultimatum.

Dobbs plays audio of his conversation with Major to Chase, as a way to prove that Major can't be trusted.

Levon and Liv cuddle in bed. Liv daydreams about them meeting under different circumstances, on a trip in Spain. Levon tells her how special she is, and they kiss.

A group of ladies drink champagne at the Scratching Post. Don-E offers for attendees to take pictures with her.

Major arrives at Liv's, and talks about what's happening with Fillmore-Graves. He says he wants them to say goodbye on good terms, then goes in to hug her. He then shoots Liv with a tranq dart and carries her away.

Major drives Liv to Oregon, as a way to keep her from surrendering.

Ravi confronts Jordan about Major, who tells him the truth. Ravi then calls Levon and updates him.

Ravi and Clive talk about the newest dead body from the morgue - McKenna, one of the ladies from the Scratching Post. Clive asks for Liv to eat McKenna's brains, but Ravi tells him about Liv's situation. He then reveals that he's partially turned into a zombie, and reluctantly offers to eat the brain.

Blaine and Angus eat lunch, where Blaine tries to determine how the human/zombie relations will evolve from here. Blaine suggests that Angus' congregation go out of New Seattle and turn more people into zombies, so the zombie gene can go on even if the city is nuked.

Liv and Major play house in Oregon. Major reveals that they're staying at a Fillmore-Graves safe house, and that they both ate the brains of an old married couple. They then kiss and dance to music.

Ravi and Clive arrive at the Scratching Post -- with Ravi on McKenna's brains. They question Don-E and Blaine, but Ravi is too distracting. Ravi then gets a vision - of McKenna having a fight with a guy.

Clive and Ravi interview the guy, who reveal that McKenna had taken the zombie cure, but still was taking on the zombie look. Clive asks about Brother Love, and the guy plays a video of Angus' sermon. Clive believes that Angus was the one who killed McKenna.

Major and Liv talk in the house. Major suggests that they never return to Seattle, and play house together until Ravi comes up with a zombie cure. Liv accepts it, and the pair go into the basement.

In the basement, Major finds the couple who used to live in the safe house, and that they've gone full Romero.

Clive and Ravi interrogate Angus. Lambert comes in to help Angus, but Clive decides he'll throw Angus into custody anyway. They suddenly hear singing out in the hall, where the find Angus' congregation praying for Angus. Tucker then admits to killing McKenna, and Lambert drives him away to safety.

A Fillmore-Graves soldier comes to Don-E, and reveals that the married couple brains have more to them than it seems. As it turns out, the wife caused both of them to die in a car accident, because she eventually became so fed up with her husband.

Back at the house, Liv becomes more annoyed with everything Major does. She asks him to go into the basement and fetch her hot sauce -- and she locks him in the pen with the other zombies once he does. Liv reveals that she's going back to New Seattle to turn herself in, and leaves Major with a few brain tubes.

Curtis eats his last meal at Fillmore-Graves, before being taken to the guillotine. His execution is stopped by an announcement that Renegade has arrived. It's Levon.

Liv tries to hitchhike home to Seattle, but has no luck.

Major tries to escape from the cell, only to be visited by Russ. He begins shooting Major in exchange for the remaining brain tubes. Liv then arrives, stabbing Russ in the head and getting away with his keys.

Ravi shows Clive his experiment - that McKenna's cured brain contained trace amounts of a chemical. Ravi believes that Isobel's brain could hold the same qualities, which he'd be able to extract into a cure. Clive leaves, and Ravi turns a polygraph test on for all brains, which makes Isobel's brain turn bright red.

Cavanagh comes to Clive, asking him to not rub his relationship with Michelle in Dale's face. He reveals that Dale only broke up with Clive because of what he said in the dash cam footage.

Liv returns to the coyotes, who reveal that Levon is sacrificing himself to Fillmore-Graves.

Ravi records the findings of his test -- that Isobel's brain could genuinely be used to become a cure. He then feeds part of Isobel's brain to rats, to further test his hypothesis.

Blaine and Angus stand outside. It begins to rain brains around them, which Angus sees as a sign to let his followers loose on the world. On the roof of the Scratching Post, Don-E shoves brains into a woodchipper.

Clive kisses Dale, and reveals that he's willing to be a zombie so he can be with her. He proposes to her, and she accepts.

Liv turns herself in to Chase and Fillmore-Graves, but he refuses to believe her. Levon is brought in and asks to be killed instead of Liv. He steals Chase's gun and shoots one of the other officers, but Chase gets his gun back and jokes that Liv and Levon can be executed together.

Ravi records his findings -- namely, that the rat who ate Isobel's brain is completely cured of the zombie virus.


Main Cast

Guest Starring

Zombie Traits/Skills


  • Unnamed 95 year old woman - old fashioned housewife, in love with Major. Hates Major's singing to the point she could kill him.


  • Unnamed 95 year old man - old fashioned ‘man of the house’, in love with Liv. Obnoxious singer.


  • McKenna Nuddlle aka. White Girl - Narcissist, shallow, selfie obsessed.

Brain Food

It is not seen or known how Liv, Major or Ravi eat their food.

Comic Panel Titles


Title Meaning

The title "You've Got to Hide Your Liv Away" plays on the song "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away" by English rock band 'the Beatles', to some people the song is about unrequited love and hidden feelings, which goes well with Major and Liv's relationship. The title is also quite literal because Major literally hides Liv away when she tries to surrender herself.


  • Liv and Levon are captured by Fillmore-Graves.
  • Chase is starting to lose it.
  • Inspector Lambert sides with Brother Love.
  • Isobel's brain turns orange when exposed to the "blue brain" treatment. It works as a vaccine and cure.