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Zombie Bro
Season 2, Episode 2
Air date October 13, 2015
Written by Diane Ruggiero-Wright
Directed by John Kretchmer
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Zombie Bro is the second episode of Season 2 and the fifteenth episode of the IZombie series overall. It aired on October 13, 2015. The total live U.S. viewers for the episode were 1.22.[1]


Liv and Detective Babineaux investigate the murder of a hard-partying frat boy whose death shocks everyone. After consuming his brains, Liv attends a fraternity party in an attempt to search for clues, but ends up ruling the beer pong table instead. Still desperate to find the cure, Ravi takes matters into his own hands and brings Major along for the ride. Meanwhile, Blaine meets with Angus, a mysterious person from his past[2]





Guest Starring


  • Paul Anthony as Speedy Pete
  • Carrie Anne Fleming as Candy Baker
  • Andre Tricoteux as Chief
  • Cate Sproule as Verna Addits
  • Shamus Cochlin as Kyle Addits
  • Stephi Chin-Salvo as Sexy Zombie
  • Danyella Angel as Sorority Girl
  • Ashley Marie Macdonald as Becky
  • David Attar as Club Guy
  • Houston Stevenson as Waspy Guy
  • J. Alex Brinson as EMT
  • Adele Noronha as DA Assistant/Nina
  • Bruce Dawson as Dean
  • Billy Wickman as Goon With Phone
  • Andrea Ware as Paulette Mosley
  • Stephen Boersma as Flip Cup Frat Boy

Zombie Traits/Skills


  • Chad Wolcoff – Fraternity humor and thinking

Brain Food

  • "Brainachos" — Liv has brains on nachos.

Comic Panel Titles

Title Meaning

  • Zombie Bro – The title makes reference to the friendly term commonly used by teenagers and young adults towards each other, "bro", along with the episode's subject matter of college and fraternities. It also hints at the show's zombie subject matter also.



  • On the Floor (From “New Girl”) - Electrolightz
  • Fire a Shot - DJ Naydee
  • Welcome to the Jungle - Dr Roc
  • Ooooh Girl! - The Real Heroes
  • Sparkle - Sstaria
  • Needle Hits the Groove - Sheboygan
  • Calypso - Paris Burns
  • They Don't Hate You - Whyte Boy
  • Love Ya Long Time - Saffrex
  • Fire (feat. CeeJay Class) - Soul Machinix and The Ranger$
  • Drifting Away - Claire Guerreso




  • On May 5th, 2016, it was revealed that Michael Wale had been nominated for a Leo for Best Cinematography in a dramatic series for this episode.[3][4]
  • There is a citation of another CW show, Arrow, when Blaine calls his friend at the funeral home "Speedy". This is a reference to Thea Queen, a superhero sidekick known as Speedy to her older half-brother Oliver Queen who is the Arrow.
  • During the campus party, the instrumental of ERB's "Joan of Arc vs Miley Cyrus" can be heard in the background.[5]